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Our Services Include

Soldier and family

Military CPAP Supplies

Optigen® understands the needs of the military. Our focus relies on assisting patients quickly and efficiently. Our CPAP supplies help treat sleep apnea for military families of the United States Armed Forces. We ship and deliver replacement supplies quarterly to home, FPO, APO, DPO, and deployment stations. STAT for deployments is our specialty.
Soldier and Clinician

Sleep Specialists

Our team wants your treatment to be easy and effective because we know sleep apnea can leave you tired and frustrated. That is why our sleep specialists help you set up your equipment as soon as it arrives and conduct regular follow-ups to ensure treatment is working for you. We work hand-in-hand with you and your practitioner to adjust your sleep apnea therapy as needed to help you sleep better.
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Virtual Consultations

You and your family deserve access to the best care, wherever you are. Sign on from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer and connect directly with our sleep specialists for a consultation. A good night's sleep is critical to good health and mental acuity, which are both essential to those serving our country.

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Our Products

You and your family deserve only the best. Optigen® offers a range of CPAP products from leading manufacturers. Check out our complete selection of CPAP machines, masks, tubing, and batteries. Let us help you determine the best solution for your condition, consistent with your prescription.
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