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What is a Deployment Pack?

The Deployment Pack or "D-Pack" was designed to assist the Active Duty Service Member (ADSM) during the stressful time of deployment. The D-Pack contains a compact/deployable CPAP* and all of the CPAP related supplies for the duration of the deployment. The CPAP and supplies will be enclosed in a deployment bag. A battery back-up is also available upon prescription.

Requesting a D-Pack

Requesting a D-Pack from Optigen is easy. Simply fax a referral to Optigen at 877-339-0180. Specify that the ADSM is deploying and would like to have a D-Pack. We will expedite the order to set up the ADSM in-home with the D-Pack for employment.

Of course, as a national TRICARE provider, we offer worldwide coverage to your patients and we will maintain service regardless of additional deployment, relocation or retirement.

*PAP machine will be provided if the patient does not have an existing machine.