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Frequently Asked Questions: Cost and Deployment

What is this going to cost?

Most patients with TRICARE, Medicare or most other insurances are able to receive supplies at little to no cost. Most insurances will pay for supplies quarterly, including a new mask, tubing, and filters.   

Will insurance cover my supplies?

If you have received a CPAP through TRICARE, Medicare or other insurance, we can provide you with your CPAP supplies delivered directly to your door at little or no cost, and the shipping is FREE. We stock all of the most popular mask types and sizes as well as the other supplies you may need such as tubing, filters, cushions and headgear. Call us today at 800-273-9114 to place your order for your CPAP supplies. You can even schedule an in-home appointment with our professional CPAP mask fitting specialist to ensure you are using the most comfortable CPAP mask for you.

What if I am deployed?

Deployment is not a problem. Depending on the length of deployment, we will provide a Deployment Pack ("D-PACK"). A "D-PACK" consists of a quantity of replacement supplies for the length of deployment